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Process 1-2-3

(1) Discovery

When it comes to BrandDiscovery, Sherlock Holmes would be an asset in any design studio. Like Sherlock Holmes, our discovery process begins by doing some real investigation and digging.

What does this really mean? We evaluate your competitive landscape, because to know your competitor's brand is to know your brand. We define our discovery scope to work with your needs and budget which, helps us gauge how deep we need to dig, how many people we should interview, what kind of BrandVisioning exercises we will explore to define your BrandAnalytics process. - And - also get us to a strong BrandStrategy for marketing or sales. - But - more importantly tell us...Why! Discovery is the first foot print for us to develop a deeper understanding of your brand!

Our philosophy is simple, we want to be smarter about your brand and identify what really makes your brand special. What is your brand's true essence, character, personality, attributes and benefits that will define how we build your brand?

Everything we do is tried and true when...building your business through your brand!

(2) Design

From the BrandDiscovery, we have an approved BrandBrief, which is like a resume for your brand. We have identified what is important and why, so we can start the BrandDesign process for a better logo, print advertising, vehicle graphics - OR - any branded collateral application you would need to support a full blown marketing and sales campaign of any size.

What does this really mean? With a defined project direction, we start developing comprehensive design options. Having options to make an informed decision is important. Then, we know no stone has been unturned when coming up with a unique, differentiating and strategic design solution. Our group is all about a strong blend of strategy and imagination to deliver the best BrandMessage possible...because we have a deeper understanding of your brand!

You are not just a logo to us!


(3) Delivery

Art Direction and Project Management are Lost Arts...pun intended. OneMan Design does not jump ship after delivering electronic files for execution or fulfillment. We will be your partners from discovery, through design, and delivery to make sure that your brand message is executed not only with the best industry design standards in mind, but also implemented with your BrandVision in mind.

What does this really mean? We make sure the company contracted to execute any branded design solution (brochure printing, signage, advertising, etc.) knows that value and quality are important, - But - also understands why our continued project management and art direction are important. We make sure they adopt the deeper understanding philosophy.

We help you navigate these unknown management platforms to a successful and happy BrandDelivery. Even vendors and manufacturers need to Be the Brand!

Visual Communication by Design...It is as simple as 1-2-3.

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