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My pop used to say, “Passion defines who you are.” As a kid growing up in Montana, I never quite understood what he was trying to say. Now, many years later, it's my passion for life, friends, family, and of course my design business that truly defines who I am and what I bring to my relationships, professionally and personally.

What does passion have to do with what I offer as a design consultant? Well, its simple...effort, moxy, impact, going beyond; an individual that loves what he does for a living, solving creative problems for my clients with imagineering.

What about experience? I am a graduate from Colorado State University, with a BFA in Design and many “daz” in the brand strategy, design and marketing trenches. I spent 15 years with Monigle Associates, Inc., one of the nation’s top coporate identity development and brand management firms. During my tenure at MAI, I honed my creative skills and added to my intellectual library. I developed logos, graphic standards manuals, talked on the phone to clients, cleaned windows, and formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

Which brings me to OneMan Design. Now I have my own gig, no bosses, no overtime (yea...right), and the ability to guide my clients with my creative vision and imagineering. From corporate identity development to Internet communication solutions to just plain ol' simple graphics production.

Give me a call today and we can talk about how well we can work together, and if all goes well, play together. Life shouldn’t just be about work!

For information about my strategic partnerships, see: Brandwerksgroup.com, Lusios.net, and Aardvarkimaging.com.

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