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The Las Casas Story:

A Denver real estate development company which was about to break ground for a condo development in Colorado Springs needed brand identity development and then associated print collateral to market the units prior to completion.

Process...define the brand image, present multiple options illustrating this for the client to choose from, take the chosen brand and apply it to the range of needed applications. Application designs also need to be presented with multiple options to choose. Why? It allows the client to identify with a particular "family look and feel" to make sure the brand messaging is on target.

Las Casas StoryEvery brand should tell a story...Here's a story I know you haven't heard before I move on...July 4th, Red Lodge, Montana; A tourist lady and her pink poodle walk into the SNAG Bar...that's right the SNAG Bar and inquires as to the bar's menu. The bartender looks at her, chew hanging off his lip and says, "No menu lady, just boneless chicken, jerky, Slim Jims and popcorn." The lady responds, "No menu? What kind of establishment is this?" I turned to her and said, "Can't you tell by the quality of men around you that this is a bar for Sensitive New Age Guys?!" We almost peed our pants laughing watching her exit the bar.


"Hail, Citizens for a Poodle-Free Montana!"

A picture paints a thousand words, but I believe wordsmithing adds color to the picture.

Las Casas' tagline was created to add color and flavor to brand messaging.

"Colorado Living", short, sweet and could be used with add-on sub-statements like "Colorado Living: Building Your Dreams," or "Colorado Living: Your Dreams at Las Casas."

This small bit of "wordsmithing" adds the necessary flavor and personality to the brand's identity for a little extra...Impact!

Marketing collateral or corporate communications can eat up a budget quickly, and delay proposed deliverables during a project's execution.

In the beginning of a project, the client or their project manager should identify an executable budget with designers, vendors, suppliers, etc. Of course, this is just an estimate, because the only thing identified at first is vision, nothing else is concrete, just professional guess-timates and ideas. Delivering on expectations happens only if they are identified at the onset of a project, budgeted and continually reviewed throughout the execution. Making sure all goals and timelines are achievable can only happen with strong project management skills and experience...that's OneMan Design.

The Mountain West Story:

Mountain West Insurance is a mid-sized insurance broker that services a wide variety of clients throughout western Colorado. It has long-term, loyal relationships with its clients. Expanding into financial services means competing with national, well-known and well-branded firms. To compete successfully, Mountain West needed to project a professional image to set it apart from small, local firms, yet firmly retain its core values. The brand needed to stand out from the generic look of its competitors. What Mountain West needed was a newer, contemporary look to give its clients renewed confidence that the brand could not only provide insurance, but financial "Solutions for Life". This is how the "New West" was born.

"Solutions for Life", is not only a smart and strong tagline, but solidified in my mind, the Aspen Leaf as the icon best suited for Mountain West's brand development. As I saw it, they are a company that is growing, down to earth; which suggested an organic symbol. A company with strong roots and heritage in the community, we didn't want to set them apart so much, that they appeared unapproachable. The gold and black communicates a classic and sophisticated image without being snooty.

Brandwerks Group and OneMan Design worked smartly together developing the brand message at every communication touch-point.

I've mentioned touchpoints, print collateral, corporate communications and Mountain West would need to re-brand everything. Whoa! They couldn't afford to re-brand everything in one swoop. It would need to be gradual, affordable and on strategy.

The answer, "turbo-design!" We put together a long wish list--with an affordable budget--and I developed 28 different branding applications. I supplied them with a hard copy catalog of the applications, and walked them through Project Management 101. This allowed them to see what consistent and creative brand messaging was all about, at just about every touchpoint. Only a few are illustrated here, but the material ranged from ads to posters to banners to signage...AND BEYOND!

Execution of the brand meant that someone at Mountain West needed to step up and be the Brand Champion, logo cop and brand ambassador. This meant acquiring the ability to "be the brand" and share the importance of "being the brand" with everyone in the company.

Mountain West Insurance and Financial Services is more than pretty pictures, sophisticated applications...it's a friendly voice on the phone, timely response to questions and issues and establishing themselves as a community leader.

"Solutions for Life"; that's being the brand!

The City Lofts Story:

YUP...another Denver real estate development company. Seems they have executable budgets. Basically, they needed marketing collateral and realized...whoops...we don't have a visual identity. With time being more of an issue, Sales Fuel Group and I did a turbo strategy session to define the brand, and I then translated it into various options for Sales Fuel and the developers to choose from.

In my mind, options are important. Would you purchase a house, a car or even a steak dinner without seeing what's on the menu? Well, the same should hold true for developing your number one asset...your brand!

Sales Fuel was hired to generate demand and hype the three different lofts. They identified thirtysomething men and women as their core demograpic; educated, urban dwellers looking to purchase their first affordable property.

The campaign applications, besides a stationery package, were posters, tent cards, value cards for neighborhood products and services, a direct mail card and a capabilities brochure.

The campaign was successful, and City Lofts is a thriving set of properties.

The Entrust Mortgage Story:

Another great Brandwerks Group collaboration... Entust Mortgage is a national, wholesale/retail company. Entrust is fairly unique within its competitive segment, but to be successful going forward, the brand needed to establish and communicate a clear corporate vision and brand strategy to its customers, employees and shareholders.

Moving forward and aspiring to be on top translated visually to a unique graphic element that was a keystone in the Entrust Mortgage Brand System.

Along with many touchpoint applications, a standards guide was developed to ensure future brand extension and management with consistency.

The Sales Fuel Story:

A marketing firm that specialized in providing the fuel to a company's marketing for demand generation. The creative strategy was to keep it grass roots and still appear uptown and sophisticated. What was imagineered was a capabilities brochure exhibited to the left. It visually communicated not only their intellectual collateral but with spot illustrations and creative type treatments spoke to the added value behind the corporate makeup. Designed, printed on my inkjet printer, trimmed by hand, wire-o bound and bam...ready to go for a meeting in New York City in less than a week's time.

OneMan Design...meeting and exceeding expectations!

The Bill Valaika Story:

We might as well end the print collateral section in the real estate development genre. Through Sales Fuel Group and City Lofts, Bill Valaika contacted me and asked if I could develop a direct mail/bio/marketing combo piece for him. Again, money and time were important. He was without work; except for some contract jobs, he was overseeing as an operations manager. What evolved was a cool new resume with its own envelope. What really saved him money was the new "print on demand" concept offered at C2 Imaging.

Once again... Meeting expectations and beyond!

Throughout the print collateral chapter, I have illustrated and briefly spoke about the importance of brand extension or brand consistency at every touchpoint. We can't forget budgets and one of my favorite skills, managing a project to the client's expectations and beyond. I afford all my clients the ability to present themselves as if they were Fortune 500 companies with strong brand development, brand management--and we can't forget imagineering.

In the following chapter, I illustrate other touch-point applications, applications that most clients a) don't realize their importance, b) can't budget for, or c) may not have a need for. What haven't I branded?

Other Applications

Environmental Branding:

While at Monigle Associates, I discovered how big the world of branding really was. It's not just a business card or brochure that needs to be branded consistently. Your highest visibility application is your facility/building, it's signage, point of purchase communications, wall graphics and many, many, many other touchpoints you can apply your brand.

Cowboy Corral Kia in Longmont needed to renovate their facility to incorporate KIA's exterior branding. Without much dialogue, I provided a quick and affordable solution-without the need of costly CAD-generated design.

Vehicle or Fleet Branding:

Brands on Wheels...a touchpoint where many clients don't realize how much visibility a brand gets when applied to a vehicle. As you can see by the illustrated example, for me it's much more than your logo on the door. At Monigle Associates I managed the conversion process for Christus Health System in Dallas, Texas. Cars to helicopters needed to be converted.

I created an easy-to-follow design intent document and metric for the selected vendor and Christus's hospital/facility managers to follow.

Catalog Design:

One of my oldest and dearest clients is Down Under Saddle Supply. Oh yea, and my bro is the sales manager. (It really is who you know.) I've developed two catalogs for them that displayed their many different products, from saddles to tack to apparel.

Through the years they noticed the amount of time they were spending convincing and educating customers "How and Why to Buy Australian Saddles and Tack!" So, we developed a one-hour educational video that quite eloquently explains everything.

Discover the Aussie Difference!

Most designers who specialize in brand development don't like to get involved with print ad campaigns. However, if you want to play you have to pay. So anything to expand my bank account.

These are just a few of the ads I developed for some of the first programs and marketing collateral I developed for International Triathlon Events. I was contracted by a promoter out of New York City and his marketing arm to create for them something more than what they would get from a printer or a firm in St. Croix, that might not even speak English.

I love to create for money...thanks Granny!

Print Advertising:

Associated Regional & University Pathologists Inc (ARUP), is a leading medical diagnostic testing and reference lab based in Salt Lake City that competes with national giants Quest Diagnostics and Mayo, as well as a host of regionally entrenched service providers. They are owned by the University of Utah.

FYI...did these ads while at Monigle Associates.



Oh Ok...web sites. I have a few under my belt and have a firm understanding of the importance the web has today and will continue to have in the future. In fact, many of my grass roots clients can't afford static communications; so we develop their web sites to do double time as a capabilities brochure and an automated touchpoint to do business with them more effectively and with greater ease. I still think a firm handshake and a conversation over a cup of coffee or a round of golf is a bit more personal, but whatever rings the bell.

Someday we'll probably www ourselves into virtual people and relationships...man I sound like my dad!

Apparel Branding and Uniforms:

A walking billboard is what my pops used to call screenprinting on shirts and such. But, it continues to be a place where just putting your logo on it is not enough...remember brand extension. Plus, customers of clients love to get free stuff and don't mind shamelessly promoting your brand.

When it comes to uniforms, this is where the phrase "being the brand" really comes to mind.

Wherever you need to apply your brand, OneMan Design has probably developed graphics and managed the execution process...

Call me and we'll do lunch. And it's my treat!!!

Some Drawings

My last story:

I first found out that I had a flair for the artsy-fartsy, when I was around 8 years old. The whole family, mom, dad, brothers, uncles, cousins and granny were attending a Sunday church service. When the cousins got together, all hell would break loose, even in church. Granny gave us all pencils and paper, and said the one to draw the best picture of whatever we wanted by the end of the service would get a dollar. Fast forward to the end of the story...I was a dollar richer, until my older cousin acquired it from me. So I guess you could say my first brush with creativity was a religious experience.

Call me and I guarantee it will be an experience!

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